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Nichigoh Communication Electric Wire CE+MTW-B Cable

Nichigoh Communication Electric Wire CE+MTW-B Cable
CE+MTW-B manufactured by Nichigo Communication Electric Wire is a robot cable featuring excellent oil resistance.
It is mainly used for internal wiring of equipment such as machine tools and industrial machinery, signal lines, and power supply lines.
The unit of length for sale is 153 MT, and cable insulation color is red.
It is available in sizes ranging from AWG20/0.5sq to AWG14/2.5sq with a single core.
It complies with the RoHS Directive for the restriction of the use of 10 substances.

It complies with the various certification standards listed below, and the cable can be exported to China and many other countries.

【Certification Standards】
CE A mark indicating that the specified product sold in the EU conforms to EU standards
NFPA  National Fire Protection Association Standards that defines safety requirements for industrial machinery used in the USA
UL  Safety standards for the USA published by Underwriters Laboratories Inc., which is a U.S. security agency
CQC CCC certification standard issued by China Quality Certification Center

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