Japan Cables Sales Center delivers high-quality wires and cables made in Japan to the world.

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We handle a lineup of products that can be used for all kinds of applications in industrial machinery and equipment, including industrial equipment cables made by Japanese wire and cable manufacturers, cables in compliance with the standards of various countries, wires for internal wiring of equipment, flat cables, power cords, LAN cables, and power cables.

Three strengths as a trading company specializing in electric wires and cables

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    We propose the optimal wire cables depending on the purpose of use.

    Our experience in handling a large number of wire cables over the years enables us to propose the most suitable products for a wide range of equipment. Considering from all angles, including quality, cost, durability, etc., our staff will select and provide products that meet the needs of our customers.

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    We handle products from over 100 wire cable manufacturers in Japan.

    Having a long history of business transactions, we have built strong connections with many manufacturers, which enables us to select and line up the products that match the purpose of use.

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    We also offer products from standard length to the specified length.

    In addition to selling in standard lengths, our in-house inventory lineup is also available for cut-to-length sales according to the needs of the customer. Manufacturers and distributors are also available for cutting sales depending on the type. Please contact our staff for more information.

  • Multi-standard cables

    We have a large selection of cables that are in compliance with the required standards of U.S., Europe, China, and other countries so that they can be used without problems at the destination of the equipment manufactured by our customers.

  • Robot cables, mobile cables

    Robot cables are necessary for movable parts such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment and machine tools. We offer the optimal products from the finest selection of manufacturers. We also have a lineup of products that have obtained overseas certifications.

  • Compensating wire and coated thermocouple

    We offer a selection of thermocouples, which are most commonly used to set and control the temperature of various plant equipment, and compensating wires that connect thermocouples (thermometers) and measuring devices from various manufacturers.

  • UL AWM wires

    In addition to general-purpose vinyl coatings, we provide a diverse lineup of crosslinked materials, polyethylene, and fluorine resin.

  • Eco-friendly wires

    Eco-friendly wires made of environmentally friendly materials, whose impact on the environment is reduced.

  • Heat resistant wires

    We provide a lineup of fluorine resin wires and silicone rubber wires from various manufacturers, which are indispensable for high-performance, compact, and precise devices.

  • Power cables

    We provide power cables of 600V, 3.3KV, 6.6KV, 11KV, 22KV, and 33KV used in facilities of various sizes such as residential houses and buildings, commercial facilities, factories, and hospitals.

  • Instrumentation/Electronics equipment cables

    We have a good stock of twisted pair shielded cables that are convenient for transmitting and receiving data between devices.

  • Industrial network cables

    The era has come for various components and devices to be connected to the networks such as the Internet. Please count on us for cables used for various industrial networks.