Japan Cables Sales Center delivers high-quality wires and cables made in Japan to the world.

Deliver high-quality
wires and cables
made in Japan
to the world


Japan Cables Sales Center is a specialized trading company which handles wires and cables from all manufacturers throughout Japan.
We specialize in special cables for industrial use and robotic applications, high-frequency cables, and cables with customized specifications.
We handle products from all Japanese manufacturers and can offer a wide range of products, and we also have a lineup of products that meet overseas standards.
We also provide a wide variety of cables that are CCC certified.
Please feel free to contact us for details.

Items handled by Japan Cables Sales Center

Communication cables for equipment

Cables for equipment, communication wires, fire-fighting wires, heat-resistant wires, network cables thermocouple compensating wire, instrumentation cables, magnet wires

Power cables

Power cables, control cables, insulated wires, signal cables, various eco-cables, lightning rod wires, bare copper wires

Global cables and FA cables

Overseas standard cables, wires for robots, mobile wires